Are the MELQO tools available for anyone to use? How much does it cost?

The tools are open-source and are free of charge to access.  We ask that users of the tools agree to share their experiences and modifications.  If support is required to use the tools, we maintain a list of consultants who may be available to help with individual country adaptations.

How were the MELQO tools developed?

The MELQO tools were developed through the MELQO consortium, which was initiated in 2014 by Brookings Institution, UNICEF, UNESCO and the World Bank.  You can find reports on the process of creating the tools here.

Are the results from MELQO tools comparable across countries?

The tools are not intended to be used to benchmark children’s development or the quality of pre-primary learning environments across countries.   MELQO has been designed to balance the desire for comparable items with the need for and value of country-level adaptation. 

What resources are available to help my team adapt and use the tools?

We have included several resources for the use of MELQO on this website, and we encourage you to post questions on using MELQO in the MELQO portal on the MELQO Forum.  We continue to train early childhood measurement experts to adapt and use the tools, and we also have resources for data analyses.  If you’d like additional support, please feel free to contact us  and we can do our best to match you with an expert in your region.

What is the difference between ECD Measure and MELQO?

ECD Measure hosts the MELQO Portal and also provides expertise on a wide range of issues related to ECD data and measurement.   

Access the Tools

In order to access the MELQO modules, including tools, manuals, and other implementation resources, please register on our MELQO portal.